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Bnonn Tennant, copy & marketing coach

Copywriter & writing coach, Bnonn Tennant writes for:Featured on these fine websites

Learn the highest-leverage dos and don’ts of copywriting

—in just 24 minutes

Writing high-performance copy for your online business is not as hard as most people think. I’d like to prove it to you in this 6-part micro-course.

You’ll get one lesson each day, delivered by email

Here’s a sampling of what you learn in the 6 lessons:

1. Dos & don’ts of writing attention-thieving headlines

2. Dos & don’ts of writing body copy your prospect can’t stop reading

3. Dos & don’ts of copy that totally absorbs your reader’s imagination

4. Dos & don’ts of structuring copy to mimic your reader’s brain circuitry

5. Dos & don’ts of writing copy that’s exactly the right length

6. Dos & don’ts of calls to action that get clicked dependably

Right now this micro-course costs just $29—money I will gladly return to you at any time if you feel the content was not worth it. I can be quite confident about this because I recently had a couple of veteran copywriters email me unsolicited, to tell me they had taken this micro-course (I had no idea) and that it had been one of the best pieces of training they’d ever done.

I also hear very similar things from complete novices. The micro-course is deliberately aimed at exactly the things that novices need to know, and experts need to continually go over to stay sharp.

Why not enroll below and see for yourself?

Enroll me in Hi-Leverage Copywriting Dos & Don’ts
Instant access @ $29

Here’s to increasing your sales & signups—and your bottom line.

D Bnonn Tennant,
Copywriting Coach
Information Highwayman