Biblical Marketing

…for entrepreneurs who want to honor God & love their neighbors (while turning more of them into customers)

“Who are you, and why should I trust you?”

An excellent and discerning question. My name is Dominic Bnonn Tennant. I’m a copywriting coach, marketing adviser, and Christian.

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Why biblical marketing?

Bnonn Tennant, copy & marketing coach

Dominic Bnonn Tennant, an abrasive ex-South African marketing expert, rams the Bible into secular marketing at high speed to see which bits survive (note: Scripture cannot be broken)

I’ve been a Christian since the Lord saved me back in 2004. And by “Christian” I mean that I believe that Jesus is God incarnate, that the Bible is his word, that I am saved entirely by his own merit, and that I should try to be more like him every day.

That’s why I created this website—because as well as being a Christian, I’m also a marketing expert. Which means that being more like Jesus every day is something that takes a fair bit of thought between 9 and 5.

Over the years, I’ve developed a careful “theology of marketing” that has let me both create highly effective marketing campaigns, and glorify God doing it. (Believe it or not, being a Christian is actually not an impediment to doing this; on the contrary, it helps!)

In 2016 I became convicted to start teaching this biblical approach to marketing, because more and more people kept asking me to do so. People who have to write their own copy, market their own businesses, and sell their own stuff. They all have the same concern:

“How do we do this as Christians?”

Being a teacher (professionally, in my church, and in other ministries), I’ve learned to heed when people keep asking the same questions. So I set out to formulate an answer.

The result is this website. Here, I outline the biblical marketing approach I have been using for many years. And I muse on the intersection between psychology, persuasion, culture, business and theology.

My hope is that this will help you to do the same; that you will learn to sell—without selling your soul.

Who is this for?

I’ve found that what I have to say is often very interesting even to people who aren’t believers—but while this site will certainly benefit anyone interested in ethical marketing, I have two special focuses:

  1. Christian solopreneurs. If you’re a Christian running your own little business, then we have a lot in common. And because we have a lot in common, I have a lot of ideas for helping you. I also really want to help you, because I believe small businesses like us have perhaps the most potential to quietly change a rapidly-degenerating culture for the better if we simply know what to do, and are willing to gird up our loins.

    One of the most helpful things for you right now is probably to understand that salesmanship is leadership. To get comfortable with this is to get comfortable with growing your business in a way that reflects God’s own character.

  2. Christian ministries. If you’re tasked with growing your church or youth group or teaching ministry or apologetics organization or whatever, then I especially want to help you, because without a growing body of Christ, we’ll all inevitably be up the creek without a paddle.

    One of the most helpful things for you right now is probably to understand that you’re already doing marketing because that’s just what outreach is. The way to grow more rapidly is not to recoil in horror at this notion, but to learn how to do it biblically and effectively.

If you’re not in one (or both) of these groups, don’t worry. You’re still most welcome here, and much of what I say will probably apply in your own situation. Why not poke around and see?

Dominic Bnonn Tennant
Marketing adviser, copywriting coach &